Mixing Colours with Pastel Dust

//Mixing Colours with Pastel Dust
polychromos pastel sticks

Faber Castell Polychromos Sticks

An interesting question and discussion we had back in Episode 46 of the Podcast was referring to mixing pastel pencil dust. This was scraping the pastel off pencils/polychromos sticks and mixing them together.

We said that this probably was possible if you wanted to take the trouble to do that however it’s not something Colin would choose to do.  But it is good to experiment so why not give it a try. If anyone has tried it then let us know in the comments.

As far as Colin is aware you would get the same effect mixing the same colour Polychromos stick colours (say 177 and 273) as you would if using the pastel pencils.  The Polychromos sticks are a little harsher than the pastel pencil so Colin would not necessarily agree that it is a benefit to use them on the larger area (background work).  Colin advocates always putting a base of pastel pencil on a picture first before using Polychromos sticks on top.

He would choose to put on more than one layer too using more than one colour in pastel pencil.  This would prevent the Polychromos sticks from marking the paper.  Colin views the sticks as ‘add-ons’. A very good pastel paper for Polychromos sticks is Colourfix. Colin has used it himself on several pictures with Polychromos sticks and the soft pastel because you are looking at a different consistency. It is not like the Ingres Paper which is a little bit susceptible to those harsher colours. For pastel pencil work, the colourfix paper doesn’t give you the detail that the ingres does in Colin’s opinion. 

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