Michelle’s Pastel Pencil Eyes

//Michelle’s Pastel Pencil Eyes

Here is one of our member’s Michelle’s version of Colin’s “Pastel Pencil Eyes” tutorial. Michelle attempted the exercise herself then tried again after watching the tutorial. The results are incredible. Here’s what Michelle had to say:

“It’s my first week as a member and I finally found my way. I’ve always loved drawing, but discovering this medium is my “ahah!” moment, like my purpose in life. I find peace in drawing with pastel pencils and the techniques you explain are easy to understand. It opens up a world to discover and see with different eyes. 

Thank you again because now I know I can really draw realistic subjects and get to a goal I dreamed of since I was a kid.”

Michelle Bourque's Pastel Pencil Eyes Before Picture

Before watching the tutorial

Michelle Bourque's Pastel Pencil Eyes After Picture

After Watching the Tutorial

I’m sure you’ll all agree what a great job she has done.

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