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We recently had a great question regarding the markings on the Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencil and why some pencils say “Soft” and some say “Medium”, and more importantly, what’s the difference?

faber castell soft

Colin has asked Faber-Castell about this many times but never really got a suitable answer. In short, we don’t really know. However Colin hasn’t noticed any difference in the application of a Soft Pastel Pencil or a Medium Pastel Pencil. So as far as Colin’s concerned, this is a reference you do not need to taken any notice of.

pastel pencil soft

You may have also noticed that there is a star (*) marking on the end of the Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils. This denotes the light fastness. The more stars you have on a pencil, means the colour is less likely to be affected by the sunlight. This doesn’t mean that the colour won’t fade at all in the sunlight, unfortunately all colours will fade.

We talk more about this subject on our podcast this week. Be sure to check the Podcast page on Friday and listen!

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