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Ian sent us this email requesting advice on picking the pastel pencils for drawing this beautiful Long Haired Collie. Ian said:

Hi Steve

I have been asked by a friend to paint his long haired collie which is to be a present for his mother who is seriously ill and I have committed myself to do it.

He gave me two pics which I have attached. I have never done anything with long hair before but will give it a try.

However in view of the short time ~I have I wondered if Colin could give me some indication as to what colours to use and which picture would make the best portrait.

I hope yo udon’t mind me asking you this but I am desperately worried about not being able to produce the picture.

I feel I should never have committed myself but sadly I have.

I look forward to hearing from you .

Kind Regards


scotts-dog-head scotts-dog-sitting

I think the first picture would be best as the dog is looking straight on, but the eyes will be a problem. It would be a good idea to search the internet for Collie’s eye as you could use the colour to embed them in this pic.

The colours I would suggest are 101, 230, 233, 181, 186, 182, 283, 179, 177, 199 (click here for our colour chart).

There will certainly be more colours needed but these would have to be added once the picture is underway.

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