Lindsay’s Horse Pastel Painting – Feedback

//Lindsay’s Horse Pastel Painting – Feedback

Lindsay has asked me to give her a few comments and tips on how to improve her pastel pencil picture of a horse she has done for a friend. This was based on the horse portrait in my intermediate pack range (see below on the right), but has changed the colouring and the details slightly. This is a good picture and with a few changes will be even better.

Lindsay's Horse Pastel Pencil Picture

The first point I would like to suggest is that more strength is needed in particular the areas marked with the black arrows, this would add more dimension to the picture.

The eye is a little too large and would benefit from a white highlight to give the eye life. The light edges at the back of the ears could do with being changed to resemble the ears on my picture, see black circle.

Finally I would sharpen a 187 and 283 faber-castell pastel pencil to fine points and with a light touch add the hair effect you can see in my picture working strictly in the hair direction.

Once these changes have been made I am sure that Lindsay’s friend will be delighted with her picture.

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