Learning to Draw at the Computer

//Learning to Draw at the Computer

laptop iconOne of our student’s sent in the following enquiry regarding learning from a computer screen.

“I am trying to imagine how to draw while watching your lessons on the computer. I do not have a laptop, just a PC. I suppose you lean your drawing board against the desk? In front of the PC?”

For anyone else out there, here’s some useful tips for how to learn from our online lessons:

We do have several members who work from a computer and I am sure that you will not have a problem with this. What I would do is position the drawing surface close to the computer screen so that you can comfortably refer to the image. Play a short section of the tutorial then freeze the image. You should easily be able to retain the information when transferring this to your drawing. You can always replay that sequence again to check that you have got it right.

This is similar to how I used to run my live workshops. I would complete a short sequence of the drawing while the students would be viewing a projected image, they would then complete that section. The difference you would have over them is you can replay the image as many times as you like, they would have loved to be able to do that!

How do you prefer to learn from Colin’s lessons? Leave your tips or set up in the comments section below.

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