Learning Perspective in Animals or Landscapes

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We had a question recently from one of our students Desmond. He asked:

“Hello I am trying to get into drawing and I’ve been reading up about perspective but not to sure whether that will have anything in drawing animals and landscapes. If you could help me out I would be very grateful”

Perspective is a very important aspect to drawing and painting but it is very complex and difficult to be put down into words.

It’s more definitely important for landscape work more so than for animals. In the members area of our website where we have all projects we deal with perspective. It is something you would learn by doing both the animal and the landscape projects.

There is a perspective with animals but it’s not as critical as it is with landscapes. For example it wouldn’t come into it’s own with just one animal portrait (head or head and shoulders) but more so with the whole animal or a range of animals.

We don’t really teach perspective (even though it’s something you would naturally pick up doing the pictures) as our work is in colour with pastel pencils.

If you were doing a specific drawing course then you would learn this.

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