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We have received many enquiries from members regarding mixing and building up the colours of the pastel pencil. As you can appreciate there are an infinite number of combinations we could show but here is just a few examples of the process done with only three stages using pastel pencils. (Click for larger image).

Layering Base Colours in Pastel Pencils

The reference pictures these examples were taken from are shown on the right. This is a very simple three stage demonstration of the build up of the colours and how the colours influence the final effect.

It works like this, take the first example featuring 273, 181 and 199. 273 is laid on all three squares then 181 is placed on top of 273 in the second and third squares. Finally 199 is placed on top of the 181 in the third square only thus completing the build up. The colour shown on the extreme left (A) is the raw final colour compare this with the same colour next to it after having the base colours applied first. All the other examples are completed in the same way.

I would suggest that you make your own chart following the example above then try it again using reference pictures of your own. Stick to just three colours to start off with and then try it again using more colours in the build up. There will be a video tutorial explaining this further in the New Year.

Note: The colour numbers of the pastel pencils used are shown on the extreme right and are listed as they appear on the colour chart from right to left (light to dark).

Does this help you with base colours? Let us know if you’d like to see more in the comments below.

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