Kim’s First Attempt with Pastel Pencils

//Kim’s First Attempt with Pastel Pencils

Kims Single Rose Pastel Pencil PaintingWe thought we’d share this fantastic first attempt at Pastel Pencils from one of our new members Kim.

Unfortunately Kim didn’t have Colin’s recommended Ingres Pastel Paper and instead used MontMarte Paper for this subject:

“I found that the grooves were very deep so I had to press harder so I didn’t end up with lines across everything and this caused me to run out of “layers”… but I enjoyed the challenge of my first project :)”

This Single Rose is one of our beginner’s projects in the membership area. I think you’ll agree when I say she did a great job and we look forward to seeing more of your artwork in the future.

Whether your a beginner or an expert artist, you too can learn Colin’s techniques for drawing with pastel pencils. Click Here to Learn More.


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