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Jackie's DogJackie has sent me this painting of a dog she has done and asked how she can improve the work.

I must say that she has done a great job of capturing the likeness and the hair detail is superb. The eyes are very slightly out in as much they are facing the front; if you study the photograph carefully you will find that both eyes are at a slight angle on the sides of the head.

This is quite hard to detect and may seem like I am being picky but this is the kind of fault that can make all the difference.

Another slight hiccup is that the side of the nose has a protrusion (see black arrow). I know this also seems to occur on the photograph too but this is a trick of the light and is better adjusted as it does look odd.

Even given that the poor animal does have this feature it is still better to make the nose look more natural, this is called artistic license.

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