Jack Russell Picture Feedback

//Jack Russell Picture Feedback

jack russell pastel pencil picture feedback

Reni has sent me a picture of a Jack Russell she has done for friend and has asked for some advice.

Reni writes “How do I get sharp edges around the top of the ears etc without drawing lines, also should I have extended the neck area more?”

I should also add that Reni was given a couple of hazy photos from facebook and the eyes were totally black, not an ideal start so all this considered Reni has done a great job.
I am not a lover of outlining preferring instead to set light against dark, in the case here it would be the background colour that would determine this outcome. What I would do is darken the ears slightly more and lighten the background colour. It would also work the other way although I would not consider this, that is to lighten the top of the ears and darken the background.

I do agree with Reni that the neck should be extended, I would bring this down roughly to the black line I have indicated on the picture above.

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