Brenda’s Indian in Pastel Pencils

//Brenda’s Indian in Pastel Pencils

Colin has sent me this pastel pencil painting his wife Brenda has done after completing several of our workshop packs. It was copied from a postcard several years ago that she picked up while on a visit to the United States. Brenda is now suffering from early Alzheimer’s and had given up on her artwork.

Brenda's Indian painting in Pastel Pencils

Colin was determined to persuade Brenda to pick up her pencils again and urged her to join a local group that helped people suffering from this problem. Although she resisted this at first Brenda is now gaining much benefit from meeting up with others who have the same condition as herself. Colin said that Brenda has regained her confidence after several members of the group asked her if she sold her work as it was so good.

I asked Colin for his permission to publish blog as I know that it will be an inspiration to all those with similar illnesses, in Colin’s words ‘it is so important to keep the brain going and at the moment Brenda is responding well and her enthusiasm for her artwork has returned’ Brenda and Colin have now joined us as lifetime members and I am sure that this will continue to inspire Brenda to even greater heights and who knows perhaps she will end up selling her work.

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