One of our members Michelle sent us her picture after completing the Prowling Tiger course. Michelle writes:

“Hello Colin and Steve,

I have just completed the prowling tiger. Really enjoyed this challenge I would value any feedback from you and really appreciate the feedback you gave me on the kitten, I have ordered a charcoal in white ūüôā

From a very tired but satisfied Michelle!!”

Improving a Background or Foreground with Pastels

To listen or read Colin’s feedback please see below:

Hi Michelle, I suggest you possibly photographed¬†this rather than scanned reason I say that is it’s quite warm and the¬†whites instead of being very white, they’re¬†kind of a little bit dark or dull but that wouldn’t matter anyway. So even if it isn’t it looks good.

The only thing I would say is the background or rather the foreground should I say could be a little brighter. It’s a little bit scary when you’re using either pastel pencils in an impressionistic way like I’ve done with the original or you’re using soft pastel or polychromos.¬†Each one of those will register you’ll be able to put those into that background okay.

You have to remember if you’re going to use the lighter colours – the¬†lighter greens or the ochres¬†they will appear darker once they hit the pastel¬†that you’ve already put on there. Just do a little bit to start with and you’ll find that¬†will work out. I like the idea and I do feel that that just needs to be a little bit brighter¬†in the foreground.

Other than that you’ve done a great job and it looks good I’m¬†sure you’re pleased with it.

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