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There are many options to sharpen Pastel Pencils, a craft knife and sand paper is pretty good. With Sand Paper you can run the pencil and twist it round and you can get a really good point on it. If you use a normal manual pencil sharpener it tends to crack the lead. The electrical sharpeners are not too bad but there are two problems with them.  One is if they break the lead the lead gets stuck in the pencil sharpener and it is difficult to get it out again.  Secondly if you are not careful, it can take half your pencil!

There is more control with a craft knife and you can get a better point.  However my preferred method is a razor blade. You can purchase safety razor blades from my art store. To see the technique I use, watch the clip below.

Stanley knives and scalpels are good but the danger with those is they are very sharp and you can slip and people can cut themselves. I have a free 3-part course on YouTube that takes you through the various points you can get by sharpening a pencil with a razor blade. I then show you how to achieve different effects with those points. To watch the full course, click here.

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