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If you would like to request feedback from Colin on your artwork then please email us steve.bradley@colinbradleyart.com. Include the following in your email:

  • Your artwork (preferably a scan so that it is the best representation of your work).
  • Your reference photo (if not one of Colin’s courses).
  • A note to say what areas you found challenging so that we can help give you advice on these areas. Colin may also give you advice on other areas.

We have now retired the “Feedback Show” on YouTube. To view our archive of shows see below.

Now when you send us a picture for feedback Colin will record a message for you with the advice. This will be published to our blog so that others can also learn from the tips. To view the feedback archive click here.

If you would simply like to show us and others your artwork, please post it to the Community Forum. We look and admire your work regularly.

Feedback Show Archive: