How To Price Your Artwork

//How To Price Your Artwork
Broadstairs in Pastel Pencils

Local Scene of Broadstairs where I live

As you can imagine I have been asked this many times and the answer is quite a simple one. The pricing of a picture depends on several factors, a commission, a local scene the kind of subject, the medium and above all the quality of the work. A professionally painted picture would quite rightly fetch a higher price than that of an amateur artist therefore has to be judged on the standard of the piece which also reflects the experience of the artist. Local scenes sell better than obscure locations cats and dogs sell better than Hippo’s or deer etc to give two very different examples. If it is a commission then a higher price is expected by the recipient although this again would depend on the experience of the artist.

An easy guide is to start your price at £50 ($80) and go up from there taking all the above factors into account. Under price your work to start off with, then as you get more sales slowly increase the price.

One very important thing to remember when setting a price is the time it takes you to complete a picture should never be a factor in the price. A professional artist may take a hour to complete a work of art and demand a £1000 and amateur artist could take a week completing the same picture but might only ask £50. Again this is an extreme example but would be the case in the world of art.

How do you find pricing your artwork? What formula did you use to start with? Let us know in the comments below.

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