How To Improve Your Dog Painting using Pastel Pencils

//How To Improve Your Dog Painting using Pastel Pencils

Sherri has sent me he painting of her friends dog and has asked for help, Sherri writes:

How to improve your pastel pencil dog paintings | tips from Colin Bradley

“.. I finally finished a picture of a friend’s dog and I was hoping for some feedback with regard to improving it in any way. Additionally, there are a few small spots where I need to add background and I am struggling with what colour(s) might look good.”

I think that Sherri has done a great job on this subject but there are a couple of things that would improve the picture. The right eye is slightly square compared to the same eye in the photograph, I have placed a square box over both eyes which should help Sherrie see the difference. This is not easy to see but viewing the square might help.

The arrow indicates where the hair of the head meets the ear is a little too dark suggesting a distinct division where in fact there is not one; this needs to be lightened.

As far as the background is concerned I would use a base of 103 ivory then add 187rub this in and this might well be enough. What is needed here is a contrast between all the areas of the image and it might mean darkening some of these areas to make it work.

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