How To Improve Your Castle Paintings

//How To Improve Your Castle Paintings

Gwyneth has sent me her painting of Scotney castle and has asked for my advice as to how this could be improved.

How to improve your castle paintings | Art tips from Colin Bradley

The main problem I see here is the lack of contrast between the Castle and the trees in the background. The black arrows show where the trees could be strengthened to allow this contrast and at the same time removing the lines that exists there at present.

The red arrow indicates that the tower and the trees are similar tones therefore neither is made obvious, see how the tower in the original picture on the right above clearly stands away from the background trees. Tree techniques are very difficult to master but with plenty of practice this can be achieved. Please see one of our popular “Tree Detail” videos from youtube for more help with trees. If you would like feedback on your artwork please sign up for one of our membership packages.

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