How To Improve This Koala Pastel Pencil Painting

//How To Improve This Koala Pastel Pencil Painting

Maureen has sent me her painting of the “Mother and Baby Koalas” and has asked for my feedback. Maureen did not use the Ingres paper we recommend which would have made her job a little easier, however I feel that she has done a great job of this project.

How To Draw Koalas in Pastel Pencils

The obvious white edge that runs along the top of the ‘Mum’s’ head could be altered by either making the head darker than the ear or the other way round. Also Mum’s right nostril is slightly too open this needs to be less obvious (see my reference picture).

The area over the top of the baby’s head shows the area that could have been a little darker on Mum’s fur, this would have separated baby from Mum.

Another point to watch out for is the overuse of the light base colours as these have a tendency to lighten the stronger colours (thereby weakening them).

Overall a great picture and was well worth the time it took Maureen to complete. She should be justifiably delighted with the results.

Maureen has done a good job of the background as this is always a difficult process. It could have been a little darker so as to create a better contrast for the subject.

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