How To Improve a Boxer Dog Painting

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John has sent me his painting of the red boxer and asked for any pointers I can give him to help improve his work.

how to improve a boxer dog painting

I have to say that this is a very good effort and I am sure that John was delighted with the result. I have picked out three areas that could be improved starting with the area above the right eye. The line running above the eyebrow has been cut short and needs to be continued (see black arrow).

There is a shadow missing in front of the right ear (blue arrow). I feel that John may have intended to put this in and it had slipped his mind as he has paid attention to the shadow areas in other parts of the picture. Talking of shadows the gold arrow indicates where more grey shadows could be added to the white hair on the neck. All the points I have mentioned can be corrected and once done this would be a painting to be proud of.

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