How To Draw Cartoons Step by Step

//How To Draw Cartoons Step by Step

As long as I can remember I have always loved cartoons. I really could not put my comics down following the adventures of the characters in the “Beano”, “The Dandy”, “The Eagle” and the countless American comics I used to buy then swap with my friends. So it was inevitable that as I was quite good at drawing I would copy many of the subjects and even invent my own.

This passion has never left me throughout my life. I remember well drawing cartoons for my fellow workers and pinning them on the staffroom notice board for all to see. I hate to admit that some were rather rude and would now make me blush. My children loved me drawing cartoons for them, I even had requests from their teachers to draw cartoons for the class, then much later on for my grandchildren and I still do this today.

Our website ‘Colin Bradley Art’ has now presented me with an opportunity to share my passion with you all. I am convinced that my early drawing skills were learnt drawing these wonderful fun characters and has led me on to where I am today and they will work for you too. Although there are still set plans to follow drawing the cartoons shown in these videos, there is a great many freehand skills that need to be applied. By learning these basic techniques it will greatly improve your overall freehand experience when drawing the more exacting subjects like the animals, landscapes, even portraits in the other sections of our site.

I personally guarantee that you will have enormous fun drawing, inking and colouring the cartoons we are presenting to you. Cartoons are for all ages and I have targeted the cartoons from age 10 to 100 although I am sure that even younger children will enjoy having parents or grandparents show off their skills in such a fun way, mine do.

So sharpen up your pencils and prepare to give yourself endless hours of fun, and remember we want to see your finished cartoons posted on the community forum. Enjoy.

Download “Nell The Elephant” Reference Sheet

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