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Welcome to Colin’s Free Landscape Course. With every tutorial Colin provides an outline drawing, meaning that you do not have to draw the picture free-hand. We have provided this outline drawing below. To colour the picture, Colin uses 17 Pastel Pencils. He chooses and refers to the Faber-Castell Pitt Range of Pastel Pencils as these are his preferred make. The Faber-Castell range have a higher pigmentation and are more robust compared to other brands. However you can use any brand of pastel pencils to complete the picture. You can compare the colours with our Faber-Castell Colour Chart.

Colin uses the following colours:

101 – White, 103 – Ivory, 143 – Cobalt Blue, 230 – Cold Grey I, 273 – Warm Grey IV, 182 – Brown Ochre, 183 – Light Yellow Ochre, 109 – Dark Chrome Yellow, 177 – Walnut Brown, 283 – Burnt Siena, 131 – Medium Flesh, 191 – Pompeian Red, 192 – Indian Red, 168 – Earth Green Yellowish, 174 – Chrome Green Opaque, 181 – Payne’s Grey, 199 – Black.

If you would like to buy pastel pencils, we sell them in our art store with free shipping available for UK orders over £50 (we do ship worldwide also). To see a demo of the Art Materials Colin uses click here.

You can chose to draw the outline free-hand (Colin’s Square Drawing Grids can help with this) or you can print Colin’s line drawing straight to Pastel Paper using your home printer. Colin recommends Sand Coloured Ingres Pastel Paper by Fabriano. The reference picture can also be printed to use whilst watching the video. You can also print out Colin’s reference photo to use along with the video. (Click images to enlarge).

Harbour landscape in pastel pencils    harbour landscape line drawing

Click Here for a PDF Line Drawing

Part 1:

Part 2:

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