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Bonny asked if I could give her any tips to help improve the nose on the above B/W Spaniel project, she has tried several times to get it right but is still not happy with the result.

how to draw a dogs nose

The best way for me to show you how this can be improved is to reproduce both noses from both Bonny’s picture and my original on the right. On the whole Bonny has followed the reference picture closely but there are several points that would have improved the overall effect. Although I have lightened both of the nose inset pictures you can see from the main pictures that more overall depth is needed. This contrast would certainly help, especially areas indicated by the orange arrows.

The black arrows shows too much of a gap on Bonny’s picture above the right nostril if this were moved over a fraction then the nose would have looked more realistic.
I doo feel that Bonny has done a good job of this Spaniel and once these adjustments are made it will turn it into a very good picture.

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