How To Draw a “Back Nude” Portrait using Pastel Pencils

//How To Draw a “Back Nude” Portrait using Pastel Pencils

Project Difficulty: Beginner

Learn how to draw this Back Nude Portrait using just 6 Pastel Pencils: 101 white, 183 light yellow ochre, 131 medium flesh, 187 burnt ochre, 194 purple and 176 van dyck brown.

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Download the line drawing and print to Colin’s recommended Sand-coloured Ingres Pastel Paper. Next, download and print the reference picture to use along side the tutorial. (Click the images to enlarge).

Outline Drawing & Reference Picture:

Back Nude Line DrawingBack Nude

Click here to download a PDF Line Drawing

Colin recommends pictures to be drawn at A4 size, you can scale up your pictures using square drawing grids or you print the line drawing bigger.

Part 1:

Part 2

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