How to Change the Composition to Make Your Paintings More Interesting

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Peter has sent me his painting of a Robin and has asked for feedback, Peter writes:

“..I Have been member for 8 months and have followed your lessons paintings including The Squirrel in snow and the Bullfinch (I wish you would do more garden birds). Using the techniques from those two I did a Robin in the snow copying from a card I received last year.”

How to change the composition of your painting to make it more interesting

Peter did also mention that he did not like the tree detail behind his Robin and was not happy with his interpretation on his painting. I do agree that it would have been better to have left it off and you can see that this definitely improved the overall effect if this had been left off (see insert picture above).

I would also have left off the small section of green indicated by the black arrow as this has no significance to the painting.

The problem Peter has is this would make the painting too square. This could be overcome by extending the log behind the Robin as I have suggested with the blue line and the remaining could be filled in with snow.

This would also centre the Robin which would make the composition more interesting.

I do have some good news for Peter, we have another very popular well-loved bird in the pipe line.

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