How To Break Art Envy So You Don’t Lose Confidence

//How To Break Art Envy So You Don’t Lose Confidence

Jill has send me an email raising several points that I am sure many of you have experienced when starting out on your art journey.

Jill has returned to art after some time and found that her confidence has taken quite a knock back. This is due in no small way to the searches she has made on the internet seeing the vast array of talented artists there are in the world.

The beautiful artwork displayed everywhere you look really can overwhelm you if you allow it to; the answer is NOT TO LET IT.

Now you may think this is easier said than done because as normal human beings we are cursed with and envious streak that can, if you let it, badly affect your own confidence.

So what is the answer? Well, I can only speak for myself when I tell you how I overcame this problem. Don’t think for one minute that I did not go through what Jill is suffering at this time because I did and I had to find a way out otherwise I would never have got where I am today.

First of all the thoughts have to change. Instead of thinking “I could never be that good” when viewing a great piece of artwork change this to “Wow what a wonderful painting I am going to try to be that good ONE DAY”.

john constable hay wain landscape

Hay Wain by John Constable

This is not as hard as it sounds as long as it is coming from a belief in your own ability to work very hard learning all the techniques needed and be prepared to put in the practice.

This how it all started with me when I paid a visit to the National Gallery in London and was mesmerised by John Constable’s paintings. They inspired me so much that before I left the Gallery I had made my mind up to do my very best to be a good artist.

I did not set my sights too high and was more than prepared to take lots of small steps until I reached whatever level I was capable of.

If I can do it so can you.

I also had the disadvantage of my art teacher’s words echoing in my head telling me I would never be an artist.

I hope that these words help Jill and the rest of you to change the way you think, I know it’s hard but think of the rewards on offer.

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