How To Adjust The Composition of Your Picture

//How To Adjust The Composition of Your Picture

Lewis has sent me his painting of two dogs and has asked for feedback, Lewis writes:

“Attached is one of my pictures that I have completed so far, and I just wondered what you thought of them and what areas I should look to improve in the future.”

How to change the composition of your artwork to improve it

First off I would say that Lewis has done a good job of this painting with such a difficult subject. The problem I have with this work is the area marked with a red arrow is not clear as to what the detail is. I assume that it is the dogs back leg but this is indistinct.

I am sure that this was represented as such in the original photograph but something like this can spoil a painting.

However, there is an answer to this as seen in the charming cropped painting on the left; changing the composition of the picture.

I would also suggest that the top and bottom edges be filled in with the black and blue tones continuing the background, see white arrows.

This now turns a good picture into a great one.

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