Holding the Pastel Pencil

//Holding the Pastel Pencil

It’s something simple that we might not think too much about but holding the pastel pencil in different ways can achieve incredible effects.

holding the pastel pencil line drawing  holding the pastel pencil reference picture

Give this exercise a go by printing the line drawing above to pastel paper and use the reference picture with the tuition below.

Pastel pencils are so unique because you can sharpen the point to do very detailed work. This best works with Faber Castell Pastel Pencils because they don’t crack or break when you sharpen them. You can also use the side of the pencil to do “fill up work” for example when doing a background or a sky. Check out our 3 Part series below on different ways to hold the pencil.

There’s hours more pastel pencil tutorials available on this site under the Video Gallery. You’ll need to sign in to access them, click here to find out how to sign up.

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