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Mairi has sent me her pastel painting of Scotney Castle and has asked for my help regarding the trees and brickwork. Mairi writes:

The castle seems to disappear into the background, plus all the stonework looks very ‘samey’. Did I use to much 170 on the trees making them to bright? Or is there a way of bringing the castle more forward and noticeable.

Improve trees and brickwork scotney castle

The pastel pencil numbers I am referencing are from the Faber-Castell Pitt Range (see colour chart). The starting colour of the trees should be a combination of 168 first then 170 added to the stronger green. By placing the 170 on first it acts as a cushion for the darker colours when added later. Also 174 should also be applied while there is some of the pastel paper showing through, this could still be done as there is still some on Mairi’s painting (see inset). There is also too much contrast between the light foliage and the dark, see the section of my original which shows how this should look.

The brickwork is not bad at all I would suggest that more complimentary colours are added to the present range of tones, what is needed here is more experience and this will come with practice.

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