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If your question is not listed below, please email Steve (Colin’s Son) at with your query.

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To receive Feedback on your artwork you must have an active membership. To find out about our membership plans, starting from £3.99 for 1 month, click here. If you are a member then please email your picture and reference photo (if not one of Colin’s projects) to Please mention areas that you found difficult or challenging so that we can help with these. Colin will give you advice and tips which we will publish on our blog for others to learn from too.
There isn’t a defined structure as such. 90% of the lessons on the site are pastel pencils. They are split into beginners, intermediate and advanced, with some extra projects in a “masterclass” section which are classified as more difficult. There is also a section called “Demonstrations” where Colin demonstrates how to draw pictures from the masters such as John Constable and Vittorio Reggianini. These were designed to be watched and not followed even though you could if you’re at that level.

There’s a lot of room for progression as you work your way up the categories. Many people go through the beginners then start intermediate but there’s no rules so if you like the look of an intermediate project you can go ahead and start one. Aside from the pastel pencil we have a few pen and ink projects, 5 Aquarelle Graphite projects, 19 watercolour projects and a handful of coloured pencil subjects.

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Yes. There is no copyright on Colin’s pictures so you are able to sell your work. We only request that if someone asks how the work came about that you mention Colin and his website so that others can discover his lessons. If you have any questions please contact
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There is no copyright on Colin’s pictures so you are free to sell your work. We only ask that if someone enquires as to how the work came about, you could mention Colin’s name and his website so that others can discover the medium and his lessons. If you have any questions at all, please contact
I’m afraid the effects and techniques with colouring pencils would be very different to pastel pencils and they would not blend quite the same way. This is because the two textures of leads respond in different ways, the pastel is a chalky, translucent medium that can be blended with just the pencils. With colouring pencils, often it is much harder to blend in comparison. That is not to say you couldn’t give it a try with our free courses. You could try adapting the techniques to see if it would work for you. Our free courses can be found here.