Greyhound in Pastel Pencils – Picture Feedback

//Greyhound in Pastel Pencils – Picture Feedback

Janet has sent me this picture of a Greyhound she has just completed and asked me to suggest ways in which this could work be improved. I have to say although Janet has just started using the pastel pencils she certainly has found her medium – this is very good.

Greyhound in Pastel Pencils by Janet

The right side of the head should be darker than the back of the dog. This would create a more 3D effect, see the black arrows in the picture above. Also, both side of the nose need slight adjustments as shown by the red lines.

I am not sure if Janet intends to put in a background but the picture would look better for it. As there is not any colour as such in the animal, only grey tones, I would suggest that Janet starts by laying a base colour of light grey then add a pale colour such as 172 in the Faber-Castell Pitt range (which is a lightish earth green) and rub this into the light grey base.

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