Gabriele’s Siamese Kitten Tips

//Gabriele’s Siamese Kitten Tips

Gabriele has sent us her picture of the Siamese Cat project which we recently added to our members area. She said that she realised too late that she used the reverse side of the Ingres pastel paper but continued on. Both sides of the paper can be used it is just that I prefer to use the side with the tooth to me it gives both a better effect and a better grip.

Gabriele's Siamese Cat Pastel Pencil Tips

However you have done well, this is a difficult subject and needs a good deal of patience. It might be worth you doing sections of this cat again on spare paper to practice while watching the video. In particular the face both sides of the nose where I have combined base colours and detail on top, this is tricky but would be worth giving it a a go.

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