From Pencil Drawing to Pastel Pencil Paintings

//From Pencil Drawing to Pastel Pencil Paintings

Many of our student’s come from various drawing backgrounds. In this case, Sue used to draw the occasional pencil portrait for her Family. Upon discovering our videos online, she was encouraged to try the Pastel Pencil medium.

We’ve always felt that one of the reasons why the Pastel Pencil medium is so good because it’s an already familiar tool to work with. In Sue’s case she had done some drawing so she had an advantage. She joined as a member and never looked back. Recently Sue sent us an email to let us know how she’s getting on:

Dear Steve,

Before finding your dad’s website, I was just drawing the odd pencil portrait for my family’s pets, for birthday and Christmas presents, but since following Colin’s tutorials my drawings have changed dramatically! Consequently, I am now actually selling pet portraits and have had the confidence to make my own website and facebook page. It is more of a paid hobby really but I cannot thank you and your dad enough. Not only have I used the tutorials and animal videos to practice on, but I also use them when someone sends me a photo and I’m not sure of which colours to use. In those instances, I will try to find a tutorial which has an animal with similar features, or colouring and follow that. Also, I have on a couple of occasions emailed for advice and you have always got back in touch and given me the best advice possible.

Once again, I cannot thank you both enough. Finding your website and online art school was the best thing I’ve done for ages.

Kind regards,


Sue attached some before and after pictures of her work she did before in pencil and her work since viewing our lessons in Pastel Pencils.


Sue's Pencil Drawing Before Discovering Pastel Pencils


I think you’ll agree that she has taken to the medium very well indeed. If you would like to see more of Sue’s work then visit her website here.

If you are thinking about trying the Pastel Pencil medium then why not give our free courses a go? Click here to take a look.

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