Feedback on Your Artwork – Harbour Scene

//Feedback on Your Artwork – Harbour Scene

Lisa has sent me her painting of the Harbour Scene project and has asked for feedback. On the whole Lisa has done a reasonable job of this picture but there are a few pointers I can give her that would improve the work.

How To Improve a Harbour Scene Painting in Pastel Pencils

The black arrows show some of the obvious images that could have been improved if more care had been taken on the drawing of these images, they are slightly out. The water could have been deepen in colour as this would have given more weight to he lower section of the painting. See the difference inside the ovals above. This also applies to the reflection in the water of the landmass on the right hand side (see red arrow).

As I have stated Lisa has done well and I am sure that these pointers Lisa’s future projects.

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