Feedback on Bonny’s Ballerina using Pastel Pencils & Soft Pastels

//Feedback on Bonny’s Ballerina using Pastel Pencils & Soft Pastels

pastel pencil and soft pastel painting from BonnyBonny has sent me her painting of the ballerina project and has asked for any tips I can give to improve the background. Bonny has used both the pastel pencils and soft pastel as I recommended but feels that it has “got away” from her. She also says that she likes the background on my original painting and would very much like to use the same on her picture.

The problem here is to add a strong background like my original the subject would have to be equally strong otherwise the background would overpower the subject, which would have been the case here. Bonny has completed a background that suits the subject very well and I would certainly not suggest that it is strengthened.

What I suggest is that when Bonny completes more subjects she should bear in mind that the background must always support the subject, in other words the stronger the subject the stronger the background can be if required.

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