Exhibition at The Turner Contemporary, Margate

//Exhibition at The Turner Contemporary, Margate

This fantastic acrylic painting is the centrepiece of an exhibition running at present in The Turner Centre in Margate, Kent. It is a wall painting by Sarah Tynan.

Sarah Tynan at Margate Turner Centre

The Hen Harrier is one of the UK’s rarest birds and is a protected species because it is often persecuted as a predator of grouse. On 24th October 2007, a pair of Hen Harriers were seen being shot down out of the sky as they flew over the Sandringham Estate. The only people known to be shooting that day were Prince Harry and his friend William van Cutsem.

The painting and exhibition feature obviously suggests that it is a knock against the landed gentry who use Range Rovers on their estates.

The Police investigated the Incident but the case was dropped because no bird carcasses could be found.’

To say that I was gobsmacked when I first saw the painting would be an understatement not least by the sheer size of the work. The only way I could think of to show you the size was to stand beneath it.

I have spouted on for ages about how the three dimensional aspect of painting can be achieved and this painting is a great example of this subtle technique. The picture inset shows the most impressive sections that struck me on the painting these are indicated by the black arrows.

I have to say that my photograph above does not in any way do the picture justice it really is a work of art. The sad thing is that this picture was painted directly onto the ivory coloured wall and will shortly be painted over for new exhibits. I for one won’t be around to see that as I think that I would cry and I don’t cry easily. I was speaking to one of the ten people involved in constructing this picture and expressed my thoughts, she replied that although it would be a sad thing for her too at least she would know that the painting still existed beneath the layers of topcoat, I suppose that is something to hold onto.

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