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Tabby CatIf you’re new to Pastel Pencils or just starting out with drawing animals, here’s some tips on where to begin.

Animal Portraits are easier to draw rather than the whole animal. A good choice is a Tabby Cat with lots of colour. If you get the line drawing correct then it can be a matter of colouring in (my square drawing grids can help with drawing freehand). You can learn to draw Cats using video tutorials or written packs when you join my membership programme.

The next subject I would move onto is a Tiger but not with the mouth open. Pastel Pencils create a reality so a growling wild animal can be very scary! We often talk about a Gorilla Portrait I did a while back being so menacing that it had be taken off the wall!

The hardest animals to attempt in pastel pencils would be an Elephant or Rhino. The reason they can be tricky is because your tackling hide rather than fur. Scaly skin is difficult to do.

rhino pastel pencils

It is a question of impressionism by changing what you see but still making it look alright.

Members can learn to tackle hide, and a full animal picture by watching the Rhino tutorial.

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