Draw Mousy Hair using Pastel Pencils

//Draw Mousy Hair using Pastel Pencils

drawing mousey hair in pastel pencilsMousy is somewhere between brunette and blonde. It is very fine as opposed to animal hair/fur which is a lot courser. If the human hair has curls then it can be tricky. We do have a Pastel Pencil Portraits DVD (available in our membership) which covers blondish and black hair.

My pastel pencil tips for doing mousy hair is that you start of with white in the very highlighted light areas. This is followed by ivory and that would then link the lighter hair to the medium colour hair. Then you would use possibly a grey, perhaps an earth grey as a starting point for the other colours. The greys will help weaken the browns (270 is ideal) as it will keep it warm. Don’t use ivory or the light grey in In the very darkest part of the hair. Here you need to go in with a medium grey I suggest the 273 and you would not need too much of this – just enough to give you the base colour for the browns and ochre’s. Try not to over apply the base colours as these will weaken the darker colours going on top. This gives you an understanding of how the colours work. I recommend practicing first on a piece of spare pastel paper (I recommend sand coloured ingres pastel paper by fabriano). The colour numbers shown above are taken from my recommended range of Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils.

My latest picture which will be a 9 hour pastel pencil tutorial for members contains a child’s hair which is a mousy colour. I recommend signing up and giving that a try when it launches in the next few days. Click here to sign up for Pastel Pencil Tuition.

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