Drawing Grass and Foliage using Pastel Pencils

//Drawing Grass and Foliage using Pastel Pencils

Savina has sent me her lovely painting and was not happy with the way the grasses turned out, she has asked for my advice.

Artist Savina Francisco

As you know grass and foliage are one of the hardest techniques to master and I have never seen any good representation of this from any artist. The best medium for this would acrylic but even then the grass looks artificial. I avoid falling into the trap by making the foliage impressionistic as you know and I not only get away with it it enhances the painting.

Now, Savina has a problem because impressionistic grass will not work so well in this picture, so what’s the answer? What I would do knowing the problem is to minimise the amount of grasses in the picture and also break this up with something like reeds intermingled with grasses. It would also be an idea to do a few dummy runs trying out different designs on spare paper until something clicks.

Another observation about the grasses in Savina’s painting is that although she feels that this has not worked out too well others viewing it would not necessarily notice this. So the final analysis is if you don’t feel at this stage you can improve on the grasses leave well alone but practice the techniques for future work.

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