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chocolate dogDave has sent me a photo of a dog that he wants to do but is unsure of the chocolate pastel pencils to use. I would use a 270 grey for the mid tone/ lighter areas and 273 for the dark areas as a base colour.

Then 187 would be a good tone to apply next followed by 283, this would create the reddish colour tone. Then on top I would add 177 and 199 (black) could be used for the very darkest areas with 177 reapplied to stop the black from looking too harsh. There is also likely to be a need for 182 in the mix and this could be added where the ochre tones are seen.

All the colours I have mentioned are meant to be a rough guide only but they would be the colours in our current Faber-Castell Pitt range that I feel would work for this animals hair colour. However there may be more so always be prepared to add or subtract more pencil colours as the painting develops.

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