Drawing Children in Pastel Pencils | Part 4

//Drawing Children in Pastel Pencils | Part 4

Children's bonnet in pastel pencilsAlthough I wanted to change the hair colour of the blue eyed child from that of the child with the brown eyes, at the same time I wanted to create a harmony between the two shades. I did this by using exactly the same colours buy with different emphasis, more light base colours for the fairer hair as opposed to more mid toned colours for the darker hair. You will have to wait for the video to find out just how I achieved this but It will be worth the wait I assure you.

I was looking forward to painting the bonnet before starting the picture, in fact it was one of the reasons I chose this particular painting, it did not disappoint. I particularly liked the way the hair and the bonnet seemed to mould together especially in the dark areas, it could have have looked so very different.

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