Drawing Children in Pastel Pencils | Part 3

//Drawing Children in Pastel Pencils | Part 3

children in pastel pencils Part 3With the two faces in place it was time to put in the hair and I started with the brown eyed child. I used the minimum of undertones so as to enrich the medium and darker hair tones when they were applied. You will see that in the next stage with the blue eyed child how this was reversed. Human hair is never easy add to that finer hair of a child and you really have think hard about how to approach this detail. However the video will give you all the colours and techniques to enable you to make a good job of this. When you first look at this hair it would appear that it was put in strand by strand, to make this look right an impressionistic approach is need. What do I mean by that? I would find this explanation difficult to put into words better you see it done on video.

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