Drawing a Rooster in Pastel Pencils

//Drawing a Rooster in Pastel Pencils

Rooster copyOne of the wonderful things about using Pastel Pencils is the level of detail you are able to achieve in Paintings. Whether it’s putting finer details in your soft pastel work or a whole picture just using Pastel Pencils. It is especially beneficial when you want to paint detailed animal subjects. In Colin’s new Rooster Painting, you can see how Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils are able to show how bright and colourful Pastel Pencil paintings can be.

Colin’s recent paintings are pushing the boundaries of Pastel Pencil work, showing how vibrant and detailed they can be. This is translating over to his students with more and more making bolder choices and producing stunning artwork.

The Rooster painting is a 3 hour Pastel Pencil tutorial which you can access for just £14.99. On top of this, you will get access to another 168 subjects which you can learn to draw and paint. We’ve even thrown in Watercolour tutorials as well.

Watch Part 1 of Colin’s painting below, to learn more about signing up – click here.

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