Drawing a Picture in Black and White

//Drawing a Picture in Black and White

One of our members Robert sent in this question:

“I’ve taken photos of a church for a friend who is getting married there, they want me to do a picture of it, but now they have changed there mind and want me to do it in black and white. Any suggestions on base colour and tips of how to go about it?”

I would suggest that you use the following pastel pencils for a black and white image – 101, 270, 233, 181 and 199. these are the same colours I used for my Hopalong Cassidy picture.

Hopalong Cassidy print

The painting will have to be done on white watercolour paper rather than our Sand Ingres pastel paper as the sand colour would spoil the overall effect of the black and white image.

I have set up a new small picture of Fordwich that I am going to produce using these pencils so we do have a painting like this in the pipeline.

I have included a grey tone colour chart that I have made up to help everyone who wants to do black and white images.

Black and White Colour Chart for drawing Greytone pictures

The numbered colour above the chart shows the base colour, the numbered colour/s below the chart shows the colour/s added to make the richer tones. Although these colours are from the Faber-Castell Pitt pastel pencil range you can source equivalent tones from other makes.

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