Drawing a Dove & Pomeranian using Pastel Pencils

//Drawing a Dove & Pomeranian using Pastel Pencils

Dove Reference PictureWe were sent these two gorgeous pictures by Claudia who asked which pastel pencils she should use to draw these subjects.

Here are my suggestions of colours, all the numbers refer to the Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencil range which I highly recommend over other brands because of their durability and high pigmentation.

For the Dove I would use warm tones such as base colours of 270 and of course 101 and ivory for the lighter areas, the colour such as 169, 179 and 187 would give you the tones. These are only the main colours I can pick out for you obviously there are many more but these will have to be selected as you go along and it is unwise to guess what these would be.

For the Pomeranian I would consider 101, 103, 109, 113, 186 and 283 for the stronger tones. You can also add touches of 132 and 169 for the pink tones in the hair and around the eyes for instance.

I hope this is helpful, if your a member of Colin Bradley Art and have a picture you want to tackle, sign up and send it through to hello@colinbradleyart.com.

Pomeranian reference picture

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