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Our pets are beloved members of our family, they mean the world to us!

We take hundreds of photos of them (I’m looking at you, the ones with a dedicated pet instagram đŸ˜‰ ) and I’m betting (as you’re here) you would love to draw them.

Well, what if I were to show you a way to draw your pet easily and accurately?

But not only that, this method also teaches you the skills to draw any subject free hand!

The Grid System

Back in the Victorian era, artist’s gridded out their drawings to ensure they had correct proportions and perspectives.

Example of grid system. Study for ‘Flatford Mill’ circa 1816 John Constable 1776-1837 Purchased 1988.

When I was drawing my own pictures years ago I saw all these grid drawings in books and decided to do the same thing. I searched and couldn’t find a ready made product, so I made my own!

When a friend of mine saw me using the grid they said “you know, you could make more and sell these to others that want to draw”. I decided to produce a pack which contained the tools I used and sell it when I was on the road.

Square Drawing Transparent GridsThat was 20 years ago and they’re still helping thousands of students all over the world with learning to draw.

I still use them too! I have developed the ability over the years to draw fairly accurately but I still use the grids to check my proportions and make adjustments where necessary.

After all, my job is to create art projects for students so if the outline drawing we give them isn’t accurate it would be a disaster!

How do I use them?

In the video I am embedding below, you will learn how to use the grids. I have skipped to the section with the lovely German Shepherd, after all, you are here because you want to draw your pet! However I would recommend rewinding back to the beginning to see the breakdown of what’s in the pack.

There’s 3 examples in the video – a portrait, an animal and a landscape. Just in case you want to draw a family member or a local scene.

Oh I almost forgot! You can use the grids to scale up pictures which is handy if you’re working from a small photo.

I hope you enjoy the course, because that’s what it’s all about – enjoyment! If you do draw your pet then we’d love to see your pictures in the comments below!

Here’s the video as promised. Disclaimer: you do not have to purchase the grids, I made my own so I know you can too! However if you would like to purchase a ready made pack then they can be found on Amazon US, Amazon UK and our own online store.

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