Don’s Bow of Cherries Picture Feedback

//Don’s Bow of Cherries Picture Feedback

Don has sent me this picture of a bowl of cherries using pastel pencils and asked if I can help him with the perspective.

First of all Don I must congratulate you on a brave attempt at substituting the bowls for the Cherries for your own version, this is very tricky but you have done a good job.

As you have pointed out there is a problem with the perspective on basket and although I am giving you the way to correct this you would find it difficult to adjust it as the detail in the basket would all have to be changed. What I suggest you do it leave this as it stands but take on board to suggestions I have made here for future projects.

Don's Bowl of Cherries Pastel Pencil Picture

One thing you could do without a causing a problem with the detail is to darken the top section of the background which at present is a shade too light. I would  add 168 to the whole of the top section and rub this well in. Then follow this with and application of 174 and again rub this in. You will see an immediate improvement in the whole effect.

I have superimposed a large oval line at the opening of the basket, this shows the angle that should have been followed to create the correct shape. The second angle superimposed at the base of the basket shows the correct angle of the shape here, the depth of the oval is a little deeper that the one at the top.

I hope this has been helpful and although I would not suggest that alter this painting you can take the information gained onto the next picture. The colours I mention above are from Faber-Castell’s Pitt Pastel Pencil Range.

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