Discovering Pen & Ink

I came across Pen & Ink when I was investigating pictures of old buildings via engravings done in the 1800’s. I was going to use the reference pictures in the production of ceramics (Listen to podcast ep 3 to hear the story).

pen and ink shading rustic wellI love detail and this discovery of pen and ink in the 1980’s came after I started watercolour work.  To begin with, I used a very fine Rotring Pen for doing Landscapes and Buildings. I drew for pleasure and when I moved to Broadstairs and opened my gallery, I started drawing local scenes. I found I was able to sell prints of these in the gallery.

I teach a Pen & Ink Subject called the “Rustic Well” on this site. Members can log in and go to the Mixed Media Section to find the subject.

As well as just doing pen and ink, I added a watercolour wash to the pictures which gave it something extra special. Again there’s a tutorial showing a Payne’s Grey wash for members in the Rustic Well art course. Learn more about becoming a member here and watch my Mixed Media tutorials.

Have you tried Pen & Ink and a Watercolour Wash? Let us know in the comments below.

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