Differences Between Polychromos Pencils & Pastel Sticks

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Polychromos-pastel-selec001-800x580Polychromos Pastel Sticks can be a great addition to your art set. They work great for touching up Pastel Pencil Pictures, most notably the backgrounds. The have a higher pigment than the pencil and can therefore really make your pictures jump out.

Someone asked us then, if they wanted to have a sharper point, could they use Polychromos Pencils? Unfortunately, these are not the same and I’d highly recommend you not use them. Polychromos Pencils are just like normal colouring pencils and aren’t linked to Polychromos Pastel Sticks.

The way therefore around the scenario of getting a sharper point would be to use a razor blade or craft knife on the edge of a Polychromos stick. You’ll see on many of my tutorials I use pastel pencils as a base for the background and add in the Polychromos as an option, very often the edges are sharp enough for this kind of work.

Learn how to use the Polycrhomos pastel sticks with Pastel Pencils by watching the tutorials on this website, learn about becoming a member here.

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