Common Mistakes using Pastel Pencils

//Common Mistakes using Pastel Pencils

This is a list of the common mistakes the beginner is likely to make when starting out with pastel pencils:

1. Line Drawing

Not having an accurate enough line drawing.

Remedy – use a drawing aid like our Square Drawing grid system.

2. Pastel Paper

Choosing a pastel paper that is too dark.

Remedy – choose a lighter paper (our sand colour from Ingres is ideal).

3. Light Over Dark

Placing light colours on top of dark resulting in a muddy appearance.

Remedy – work from light tones to dark tones.

4. Sharp Pencils

Not having a sharp enough point on the pencil when attempting fine detail.

Remedy – ensure you work with sharper pencils.

5. Pressing Lightly

Not pressing the pastel pencil hard enough.

Remedy – press harder as this will ensure a better coverage for the ensuing colours.

6. Pressing Too Hard!

Pressing the pastel pencil too hard.

Remedy – lighten the pressure as this could result in a shine forming on the pastel paper.

7. Too Many Layers

Laying on too many colours this again could result in a shine on the pastel paper.

Remedy – use the hard end of our double ended eraser to remove some of the shine (see video below).

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